Argentine Tango Instructors

Maximiliano Gluzman


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, birthplace and home of tango, Maximiliano has been teaching it for more than a decade. His area of expertise is tango as a social dance, in the style of the dance halls of Buenos Aires.  His inspirations are the great social dancers of the 40s and the 50s, with whom he has had the good fortune to study. From them he learned the whole culture of Argentine tango, from the technical secrets of the dance, to their roots and reasons.


He emphasizes communication between dancers, expressive musical interpretation and creative use of space. Consequently, his lessons are based on posture, embrace, and leading and following technique. He focuses on improvisation as the key to develop a connection between the partners, the music, and the crowd that is dancing around them.


He has participated as a performer and instructor in workshops and festivals in Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico and the United States.


Maximiliano is available for private lessons.


Maxi: 734.355.6265




Mariallan Shadle and James Smith


Mariallan Shadle and James Smith have been dancing Argentine tango since 2001. Besides having learned from the most renowned instructors that taught in Memphis, they regularly travel to festivals in the USA and to Buenos Aires, where they keep enhancing their knowledge and performance of the dance.

Their style is intimate and relaxed, yet intense and creative, and thus it perfectly reflects the spirit of Argentine tango.


They have been teaching since 2008. In their classes they emphasize the importance of embrace and connection, connection to music and mastering of technical aspects.


Mariallan and James teach group classes every Sunday and Wednesday evening and are available for private lessons.


Mariallan: 901.219.9051

James: 901.283.7233